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  • For tunnels, deep axcavations, landslides and others, monitoring inclinometers, magnetic settlement columns, electrical piezometers, water level meters, load cells, crack meters, extensometers. Supply and installation of instruments, data collection and evaluation of readings.
  • ZEMIN ETUD, firstly, reviews the most appropriate options for enabling collection of accurate data from site. It coordinates integrated operation of geotechnical instruments determined according to project characteristics and parameters to be measured with other devices. Thanks to well organization of its teams of specialists, it ensures fast and economic delivery of instruments to site.
  • After completion of all pre-installation preparations outside of site, ZEMIN ETUD teams finalize installation quickly without disturbing schedule of employees or machines apparent at site. Conveying any and all kind of information to commissioned personnel prior to installation, ZEMIN ETUD fulfils necessary post-installation office studies (documentation, data processing and use of software) in complete.
  • It informs personnel in detail about safety and maintenance of instruments, data collection - processing, generating and presentation of measurement graphics.
  • ZEMIN ETUD conducts data reading of installed devices and accordingly prepares graphics and reports in relation to measurements obtained from site.
  • Following up data on daily, weekly and monthly basis for your projects, ZEMIN ETUD, when required, also installs computer-aided automatic data collection systems and thus offers an opportunity to collect thousands of data within a day.
  • ZEMIN ETUD provides solid technical assistance on all subjects like data collection, installation and reading, documentation, repair of defective instruments, system management, software and testing.
  • ZEMIN ETUD realizes all services with regard to use of the most efficient instruments for accurate measurement parameters at the most suitable point, completion of installation, free from all defects, processing and presentation of data obtained at right intervals with its experienced project team and technical staff.
  • Proposing and implementing the most rational applications at site according to the pattern the data are received and nature of data or site conditions, ZEMIN ETUD provides integration of optimal instruments and systems for your project.



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