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INCLI2 Software

INCLI2 is the software used for data management of inclinometer measurements. Data files can be created by manual data entry or directly from ARCHIMEDE datalogger through its USB COM port.

Software functions can be selected through the main menu. The deflection curve of inclinometer casing is calculated by reading the probe rotation angle at different measuring depths - related to the vertical Z-X and Z-Y planes.

Data processing allows the following choices:

  • absolute: providing the actual profile of casing according to the three coordinate axis;
  • differential: the most common type of processing.

The displacements of the inclinometer casing are referred to the initial reading:

  • local: showing local displacements at each depth with reference to the initial reading;
  • local displacement versus time: deformation versus time of reading at the same depth.

INCLI2 is a multilanguage software available in Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, French, Turkish, German, Portuguese and Arabic.

INCLI2 Software
INCLI2 Software