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TEL-310S Telependulums

TEL-310S Telecoordinometer (Telependulum) is designed for automatic readings of the coordinates of the pendulum plumb lines (direct or inverted). TEL-310S is characterized by high resolution and the possibility of measuring many steel wire simultaneously.

Moreover this instrument offers auto-diagnostic functions for measurements validation through a built-in high performance software. Either local readings by portable PC or remote operation via RS-485 serial interface are possible. TEL-310 is also implemented with 4-20 mA output for ADK-100 network application.

The new version of TEL-310S Telecoordinometer (3rd generation) offer:

  • Wide measuring range: 60x145mm;
  • Waterproof components IP68 until 50kPa (5m water head);
  • Flexible structures for easy maintenance;
  • Remote auto-diagnostic through log file;
  • High level built-in software for statistical data elaboration and validation.

TEL-310S Telependulums
TEL-310S Telependulums
TEL-310S Telependulums