Instrumentation & Monitoring Equipment


Resistive Piezometers and Pressure Transducers

Resistive piezometers are used to measure soil pore pressure or water table level in standpipe piezometers, Casagrande piezometers or wells.

Different filter porosity permit to suit specific applications in any particle size soil.

Output signals, suitable for transmission over long distances, are easily read and automated.

Applications include automatic measurement of ground water levels, measurement of permeability and hydraulic gradients in dams and in natural or cut slopes.

Resistive piezometers are available with also titanium body: they are specially designed for application in landfills, leach fields or any other corrosive application. They could be also applied into nuclear waste repositories or into aggressive mine tailings where long term survival is required.

Resistive Piezometers and Pressure Transducers