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LC-BOX Local Readout for Load Cells

LC BOX local readout is an on-site direct reading tool for electric anchor load cells: instantaneous instrument readings are shown on the LCD display in electric (mV/V) or engineering values (KN). Two model are available: 4-cells LC BOX (0L2ADR04LCD) or 8-cells LC BOX (0L2ADR08LCD).

LC BOX is powered by No.4 AA batteries (4×1,5V); at the start-up, LCD display show the battery charge in order to check the battery life.

With LC-BOX local readout, you will also receive an easy-to-use Software that permits connection with a PC/Notebook (through RS232/USB cable), LC BOX configuration and data export in "csv" file Excel compatible.

LC-BOX Local Readout for Load Cells